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Limeaide Kush offers unique aromas with hints of lime, sugar, and fruity undertones. This variety has a strong upright growth that’s able to withstand tough weather and soil conditions. Topping is recommended when planting early in the season.  Limeaide Kush is a photoperiod flowering varietal that begins inflorescence in early to mid-August in the continental U.S. and is most often ready for harvest in late September to early October. Flowers are large, dense and fully coated with trichomes making this a perfect genetic for those wishing to market a hemp type flower that has desirable qualities such as terpenes, an outward appearance resembles high thc flower, while maintaining impressive chemotype results and total thc compliance. Cannabinoids are as high as 15%, with CBD being the most dominate. Terpenes that are common in this varietal are limonene and ocimene leading to the name Limeaide Kush. This varietal has displayed disease resistance and in particular is resistant to botrytis and powdery mildew. 

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Limeaide Kush COA


Height: 6-8 ft

Recommended plants per acre:1750

Ideal for most climates, high yielding, dense cola’s, and sturdy structure


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1 Clone CBD LimeAide Kush
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